Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dwight Gooden and the power of addiction
If the police report is true, Dwight Gooden was on drugs before 9 a.m., driving, and had his five year old son with him.

This is bad. It's depressing, but most of all, it shows just how strong the power of addiction is.

Had it not been for Gooden's well-know struggles with drugs and alcohol, he could have been one of the greatest pitchers ever.

But I also remember in 1999, when Gooden was pitching with the Indians, and had one bad outing after another. Finally, he pitched well. He gave up two runs through 6 innings. When then-Indians manager Mike Hargrove returned to the dugout, he grabbed Gooden by the face and embraced him.

After the game, Hargrove went on about what a "good guy" Gooden was.

He might be a good guy. But his apparent need for drugs has made him make some horrible decisions, ones that could have had dire consequences for others.

You hope Gooden can get his life on track. But that's been written before. Addiction has been called a disease, and it appears to have ravaged a man who at one time was destined for the Hall of Fame.



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