Thursday, March 18, 2010

Bracket Blister
Thursday was a great day of basketball. Almost every game was exciting, or at least interesting for a while.

And yet, my favorite game of the day was perhaps the least exciting game, aat least in terms of how competitive it was.

As a graduate of a Mid-American Conference university, I pull for those teams come tourney time. Usually, I take the MAC school in the first round, just out of loyalty.

This year, I didn't. Georgetown just looked too strong for the Ohio, who won the MAC tournament despite going 7-9 in conference play.

A No. 14 seed had not beaten a No. 3 seed since 2006.

And Ohio came out and press-slammed the Hoyas.

For the record, my bracket had Georgetown beating Ohio State and making it to the Elite Eight.

Well, so much for that. Still, I took joy in Ohio's win, thinking that maybe, just maybe, the "experts" will notice how good MAC teams are.

Oh, who am I kidding.