Monday, August 24, 2009

6 Browns Observations, after Lions game
1. There are three players on the Browns I wouldn't consider dealing: Josh Cribbs, Joe Thomas, Shaun Rogers.

2. The Lions don't seem to have anything going for them. The Browns may have actually found a team they really are better than. Might not be the case when they meet in the regular season.

3. Derek Anderson is what he is. Red hot, then cold, and prone to crucial mistakes. I want Brady Quinn to start at quarterback, and can't forsee anything that would change my mind.

4. When he's good, Anderson is probably better than Quinn could be. But when he's bad, look out. Quinn can probably be more consistent, and I think that's what the Browns need more than anything.

5. I still don't miss Shaun Smith.

6. Phil Dawson probably will have another strong season, but no one outside of Ohio will notice.



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