Saturday, August 01, 2009

10 things I'd change about Major League Baseball
What I'd do:

1. Impose a $90 million salary cap. Also, payrolls couldn't be less than $70 million.

2. Contract two teams: Marlins, A's are my suggestions.

3. Elimiate the Designated hitter.

4. Eliminate Interleague Play.

5. Make a rule that any player caught using performance enhancing drugs is ineligible for the Hall of Fame. Any retired player facing evidence of use is able to attend a series of hearings with the commissioner.

6. Fire Bud Selig as commissioner.

7. Return to balanced schedules within the leagues.

8. Get rid of the homefield advantage rule in the All-Star Game.

9. Allow teams to trade draft picks.

10. Fire Indians manager Eric Wedge.

Hey, as long as I have the power...



At 4:57 PM , Anonymous Erik said...

1. Yes. This is baseball's primary problem.

2. No. I don't think 30 teams is too many. And if the Indians were to completely crap out financially, what would stop them from being put on the short list for contraction?

3. If you get rid of the DH in the AL, you have to do it for the minors and college ball. Right now, the NL is on an island with regard to not using the DH. I think it's a bad idea to have players play by one set of rules heading up the ladder, and another set once they get to the bigs. Unfortunately for purists, I think the simpler solution is to have the NL adopt the DH.

4. I think if baseball would go back to balanced league schedules, it would make interleague play easier to implement. The Indians play the Yankees and Red Sox 6-9 times a year, and I don't blame that on having to play the Pirates and Reds. I blame that on having to play the Royals and Tigers 19 times a year.

5. Good idea for the A-Rods of the world. But what about the Raffy Betancourts who have no prayer of making the HOF? I think it's fair to have a system of increasingly-severe suspensions, followed by an indefinite banishment and lengthy, tedious reinstatement process. Want to eliminate PEDs? Make them more trouble than they're worth.

6. Yes. He'll never be a commissioner in the sense that he's an unbiased arbitrator. He's always going to be a former owner who was muscled into his position by his colleagues.

7. Yes (see No. 4).

8. Yes. It's stupid. The NBA and NHL base home advantage in every round of the playoffs on whoever had the better regular season record. The fact that MLB doesn't do that is just moronic. Why do you play 162 regular season games if the best record doesn't matter come October?

9. You can't allow draft pick trades until you slot rookie salaries and bonuses like the NBA. Otherwise, teams like the Indians will always be trading their high draft picks to teams like the Yankees because they don't want to pay the huge signing bonuses.

10. Yes. (What else can I say?)

At 8:31 AM , Blogger Mike said...

1. Long overdue.
2. I disagree. I would feel horrible if the team that beat the Indians in the WS was contracted.
3. I disagree! I am one of the few that actually likes the DH. Yeah, it takes away from strategy, but I like seeing more offense and I like that guys like Thome can still be productive.
4. Agreed. It sux. But it won't happen because of how much money MLB makes on Yankees v Mets, Cubs v White Sox, and A's v Giants.
5. Agreed.
6. Agreed.
7. Agreed, but it'll never happen. MLB makes way too much money on 19 Yankees v Red Sox games.
9. Agreed.


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