Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Obama and Hawaii
While not being particularly thrilled with the direction in which President Barack Obama is taking this country, I fail to see the point of questioning whether he was born in this country.

Today, Hawaii's health director said he'd seen the birth certificate, and that should close the matter.

Good enough for me. What's the alternative, force out the country's first black president because of some technicality that really should have been off the books years ago?

That'd make the country look outstanding.

Like most right-leaning people in this country, I'm against much of what the president is doing, from his health care bill to cap and trade to the stimulus.

But I don't hate Obama. I don't wish for the man to fail. I don't have to hope for his policies to fail, because I'm pretty sure they will, and me feeling one way or the other won't change anything.

The point is, the president was elected legally, and he is fit to run this country for the rest of his term. Then there's an election.

Those yelling about where Obama was born are falling into a trap of making conservatives seem crazy and paranoid to the centrists in this country.

Some conservatives are crazy. But not most of us.

Focus on policy.



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