Tuesday, August 11, 2009

10 quick Browns observations
1. No matter what happens in the weeks before the regular season opener against Minnesota, coach Eric Mangini should just make Brady Quinn the starting quarterback.

2. If Derek Anderson is made the starter, fans will be ready to pounce on each mistake he makes and chant for Brady at the home games. Boy, that will be fun. I'm not saying that Mangini should cater to the fans. What I am saying is we've seen Derek Anderson, and know he can be inconsistent. If Quinn doesn't at least get a chance in Cleveland, Mangini runs the risk of having him blossom somewhere else, and the paying customers may never forgive him.

3. I don't think anyone will miss Shaun Smith.

4. No question, Braylon Edwards' attitude has been fantastic so far in camp. The last time he was like this, he had a wonderful season. I'm hopeful.

5. I worry about how much Jamal Lewis has left. There just aren't many running backs in NFL history who shine past 30. Lewis ran for more than 1,000 yards in 2008, but I wouldn't even classify it a good season for him.

6. This has almost got to be a breakout season for Eric Wright. If it isn't, it looks like a wasted gamble by the previous regime.

7. Do the Browns have an actual general manager, or did Eric Mangini just make him up? Rob Kokinis is Kaiser Soze, with less power. That's the feeling I get.

8. Mangini's just messing with us with the brown pants, right?

9. Shaun Rogers should continue to be a stud.

10. Not really missing Kellen Winslow yet. That may change.



At 10:28 AM , Anonymous Erik said...

If a Yahoo article by Jason Cole is to be believed, Braylon's attitude has been pretty lousy in camp. Or maybe he's just being testy with the media.

Here is where I think some of the players stand:

DA: If he has even a decent preseason, he's the starter. No coach is going to bet against a 6'-6" guy with a rifle arm. We see what DA has been, Mangini sees what he can mold DA into.

BQ: Still wonder if he has a bit of a prima donna attitude that rubs coaches and teammates the wrong way. If it were up to me, I'd start BQ all season to give him the chance DA had. I don't think that's going to happen, though.

Edwards: One season to shape up, or he gets shipped out.

J-Lew: He'll wear down later in the year. Hopefully James Davis or Jerome Harrison is ready by then.

Eric Wright: Too fragile. He's always going to be hurt.

Shaun Rogers: Born to play NT in a 3-4.

K2: You won't miss him. They're already complaining about him in Tampa. Great talent, but he's a walking, talking personal foul. I point to last year's Denver game as Exhibit A. K2 is a great talent, but he can absolutely kill a team when his temper gets the best of him, which is often.


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