Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Williams better back it up
Back when Joe Namath made a prediction, people took notice. They probably wouldn't have had the Jets lost the Super Bowl. Most outside of Cleveland probably don't recall Browns' rookie receiver Kevin Johnson claiming that his winless Browns would upset the eventual Super Bowl champion Rams in 1999.

In the day of drive-by TV and Internet media, when athletes cease to be athletes and become recycled quotes, Williams' guarantee that the Cavaliers will come back and beat Orlando got attention, but not as much as many might think.

If Williams wants to predict a comeback, he better look in the mirror, and play more like he did in the regular season than in the playoffs. His struggles, combined with practically everyone else not named LeBron are the biggest reasons the Cavs face a close-to-must-win tonight.

Players do this all the time now. They talk before they show. All Williams did was put more pressure on himself, which he probably didn't need.

The Cavaliers aren't dead in this series. A win tonight and the series looks totally different. But for that to happen, the Cavs have to be different than they've been in the first three games. As much as I wish or once believed it was, winning this series is not up to LeBron. It's up to the supporting cast. Williams, DeLonte West, Zydrunas Ilgauskas and even Ben Wallace need to step up, like they did so many times in the regular season.

This group of Cavs is superior to the 2007 team. But the Magic are superior to the 2007 Pistons.

It can happen. The Cavs can come back. But it better start tonight.

Williams made the boast. Now he needs to back it up.



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