Monday, April 20, 2009

Bad, bad bullpen
Carl Pavano pitched well yesterday, going six innings and allowing just one run. When he walked off the mound, he led, 3-1.

But here's the problem. The Indians have a great closer in Kerry Wood, but he won't come in until the ninth. So getting the six outs until that point was up to the rest of the Indians bullpen.

What followed was predictable.

Rafael Perez, who has looked awful from day one this season, gave up back to back hit and was replaced by Jensen Lewis. Lewis gave up a homer that put the Yankees ahead. Rafael Betancourt replaced him, and gave up three runs in the eighth.

Game over. A losing road trip.

The amazing thing about the Indians in their down years is that the holes always seem to pop up where you least expect them. I had many concerns about this team in the spring, but almost none were related to relief pitching. Lewis and Perez were solid last year. Betancourt was due for a good season. Wood, if healthy, was a very strong closer.

And yet we sit here, with the Indians 4-9, and no help in sight.

The starting pitching hasn't been great. The biggest problem now is that the Indians have had only one pitcher --Fausto Carmona on Saturday -- finish seven innings. But over the last week, it has been good enough to win.

The question is if the Indians can find someone to bridge the gap between starters and Wood. If that guy exists, he's probably on the roster right now.

So he probably doesn't exist.



At 8:50 AM , Blogger Jeff said...

Masa Kobayashi looked like crap in Arizona, but has pitched pretty well since. Any reason why he was pitching two innings when we were up 18?

And, the next day, is there a reason why Raffy Perez was in to protect a two run lead?

I know it's not that simple, but c'mon.

Also, what kind of site is blogspot running here? The verification word I have to type is "vagoto." I'm not sure what that is, but I'm afraid to google it from my work computer.


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