Sunday, May 24, 2009

Being beaten by the better team
Knowing that the Magic gave the Cavaliers the dreaded "matchup problems," I figured Cleveland still would win for a simple reason.

LeBron wouldn't let them fail.

Instead, I'm watching something stunning. James is playing some of the best basketball of his life, and it isn't enough.

The Magic have answered every punch. The only reason they didn't Friday was because of a miracle shot and there was no time left to answer.

This series has been sobering. Tempted to blame it on a Cleveland Curse? In my most irritated moments, yes. But look at what the Magic have done. Leave them open, and they drill it. Foul Dwight Howard, and he makes the free throws. Go up by 23, and watch them fight back.

Maybe the reality is the Cavs have the best player, but the Magic have a much better team.

My thought was that if it didn't happen this year, it probably wouldn't happen. I want to believe the Cavs will rally. I want to believe LeBron can get some help. But to win the series, Cleveland has to win in Orlando, maybe more than once.

It just doesn't leave me optimistic. It'd be a shame to remember this season like all the others.

Don't make the Finals, and that's exactly what it'll be.



At 2:34 AM , Blogger Joel said...

They're good. Read Windhorst's last postgame point here, which is what I've been saying along:

They need to continue single-teaming Howard. If Howard scores 40, and Lewis and Turkoglu combine for 30, I like the Cavs' chances.

THe fact is that West and Williams must play better. If they do in Game 3, the Cavs win. They will in Game 4, and the Cavs get the home-court back. Plenty of time left in this one, pal. Keep the faith!!


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