Thursday, April 16, 2009

Getting one back
You can almost hear the voices now, wondering if the Indians' 10-2 win over the Yankees was the turning point of the season.

Never say never, but as long as the roster is constructed the way it is, I think this is more of a positive moment that happens during a baseball season.

But it was a good moment. Beating the Yankees in their home opener, and beating them badly, always makes us Indians fans feel special.

It was the second-straight good start from an Indians pitcher. Cliff Lee pitched very well. He didn't exactly dominate, but he gave the Indians a chance to win, which these days is about all you can ask for.

I don't think Lee will win 20 games again, but a performance like this is assuring that he can be a strong starter. That's important.

Other observations:
- Apparently Travis Hafner is about to become the highest paid part time player in Indians' history.

-Rafael Perez is a mess. Rafael Betancourt isn't much better. Even with a multiple run lead, they were pitching scared Thursday.

- Tony Graffanino is this year's Jamey Carroll, getting starts almost every day for no real reason.

- Victor Martinez looks to be back, thank goodness.

- The Indians are still in a tough spot. Winning a series in New York is hard enough when a team is playing well. Maybe they've turned a corner, but we won't know until Sunday afternoon.



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