Monday, May 04, 2009

LeBron is the MVP, now it's time to show why
Logically speaking, the Cavaliers should be able to handle the Hawks in the second round of the NBA playoffs.

But logic rarely enters into Cleveland sports.

It's true that team-for-team, the only ones who could give the Cavaliers any kind of problem is the Lakers, maybe the Magic.

But games are not played on paper. Yes, the Cavaliers looked outstanding against the Pistons, but in Detroit, Cleveland was facing a squad that had mailed in its season.

I don't think the Hawks will do that.

The key for the Cavaliers in any series is LeBron James. He essentially has the ability to not let his team fail.

Objectively, logically, the Cavaliers should handle this series without much drama.

But logic and Cleveland sports are not even distant cousins.



At 6:08 PM , Anonymous Erik said...

Classic Cleveland fan musing: "The Cavs can't possibly be this good, right? There has to be a catch. There is always a catch."

Even if logic brain says yes, emotional brain says no. But lest we forget that all the other recent teams that we Clevelanders have put our championship faith in -- the Browns of the late '80s, the Indians of the '90s -- these Cavs are, pound for pound, better than those teams -- if for no other reason than they have The Guy.

Expect some tense moments in the upcoming series. The Hawks are a talented team and they'll actually be trying, unlike the Pistons. But don't take a couple of close shaves as an indicator that the Cavs are paper tigers.

There is simply no such thing as a stress-free run to a championship.


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