Monday, April 06, 2009

Indians Opening Day Liveblog

-Great. Al Pawlowski is hosting the pregame show. And Jamey Carroll is on the DL. Some would say this is a bad sign, but it's JAMEY CARROLL, so who cares.

-Interesting thing will be to see how long it takes announcer Matt Underwood to say something that annoys me. My guess is it will be when Hafner has his first at-bat, when Underwood tries to cover for his miserable 2008.

-I hate Continental Airlines commercials, and STO has a truckload of them.

-Here comes a Mark Shapiro interview. Cue the market count. He never actually talked about "the realities of this market," which has to be the first time he hasn't trotted out that excuse in an interview ... ever.

Underwood manages to annoy me in the intro:

"Will a healthy Victor Martinez and Travis Hafner bolster an already tenacious Tribe lineup?"

Without Victor, the lineup is tepid, not tenacious.

-Rangers unifroms include red tops. Bad idea. Sizemore strikes out, which is reason No. 1 why he shouldn't lead off. But Wedge is just set in his ways there.



At 6:51 AM , Anonymous Erik said...

I've mentally purged everything that happened after the first pitch on Monday. This liveblog doesn't force me to re-live any of it. Thanks, Zach.


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