Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Good break, but now let's blog
A heavy workload has stopped my usual blogging schedule. But because of my inability to keep away from television and the Internet, as well as the fact that I work at a newspaper, I have a lot to say.

- Eric Wedge was exposed yesterday as an ice-cold human being. You don't preach hard work and loyalty for seven years, then turn around and -- without warning -- fire the bullpen coach who has been with the team for 43 years.

I'm amazed how Wedge holds on to guys he's hired or helped bring in through borderline incompetence (Mike Rouse), or several poor seasons (Derek Shelton), but can't seem to work with anyone he didn't.

And Louie Isaac is too good of a man to rip Wedge for his coldness. But really, is it Isaac's fault the Indians didn't hit for half the season?

This move just makes me sick. If nothing else, it might cause some in the local media to re-evaluate Wedge, who has been adored despite winning one division in seven years and running off star players because they aren't part of the "right 25."

- Everyone is asking, "Why does Romeo Crennel stick with Derek Anderson?" Maybe the question should be, "how bad is Brady Quinn?"

That's all I can think of. Yes, Derek rallied the Browns Sunday in the fourth quarter. But before that, Anderson was awful, and should have been pulled about four different times.

Naturally, many fans assume Crennel to be an idiot. I reject such criticism as usual venting against the person in power.

No, all I can think of is that Crennel knows something we don't -- that Brady Quinn is just not cutting it in practice and will be exposed as soon as he runs on the field as a bust of gigantic proportions.

It's possible the Browns surprised themselves last year with Anderson. Had they known he would throw 29 TDs and make the Pro Bowl, they never would have traded a first-round pick for Quinn. Maybe the Quinn pick was just to buy Savage some time, since he knew it would go over well in the media and with the fans.

That's all I can think of. Anderson did everything he could to get benched Sunday. Hopefully his final quarter is the start of something, not an aberration. I hope it's the former, fear (and believe) it's the latter.

- It amazes me how much CNN is in the tank for Barack Obama. Last night on Larry King there was a crawl on the bottom of the screen which read: McCain Re-thinking Palin Pick?

It's a month to the election. Everyone knows McCain has to stick with what he has, for better or worse. The Obama campaigners working at CNN know this. What they are attempting to do is make McCain's campaign appear to be in chaos. Chaos can equal an Obama landslide, which CNN and MSNBC desire above all.

But here's the golden rule of journalism: Don't make the news. Report it.

And if I ever see Paul Begala on TV again without the phrase "Partisan left-wing hack" identifying him, I will throw a brick through the screen.

Sarah Palin is being treated with disrespect by the press not because she's a woman, but because she's a Republican woman. Bill Maher (or the world's biggest ass, as I call him) calls her a "stewardess." Jack Cafferty attacks her on a daily basis.

In Maher and Cafferty's mind, to be an empowered woman is to be liberal. Conservative women are either evil (Margaret Thatcher) or clueless bimbos (Palin).

Sometimes I'm ashamed to be a journalist.

- Deep breath. It's good to be back.

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At 8:12 AM , Anonymous Erik said...

Maybe it's not that Quinn hasn't shown anything in practice. Maybe it's that Crennel doesn't like Quinn all that much, plus DA is "his guy."

Crennel is incredibly stubborn. That's not a knock, it's an observation. Every time the populace calls for DA to get benched, and calls for Romeo to get fired because he keeps playing DA, it probably strengthens Romeo's resolve to keep playing him.

It's also pretty easy to see that Romeo thinks Quinn is a pretty-boy prima donna. He keeps referring to Quinn as "the quarterback," "the other quarterback" and so on. I've heard Crennel refer to Quinn maybe twice by name. That's a sign that Crennel is trying to take Quinn down off his perceived pedistal.

Maybe Quinn isn't ready to take over the offense. Or maybe it's a case of good, old-fashioned locker room politics that's causing Romeo's unwavering loyalty to DA.

It's also entirely possible that Crennel doesn't want to make the tough call of benching DA and starting Quinn. Remember, Crennel is the guy who had to have an obviously-inept Mo Carthon forcibly pried away from him in '06. In both cases, Crennel is either monumentally stubborn, or he doesn't like making the tough calls.

At 11:53 AM , Blogger Joel said...

What you do and what CNN/MSNBC/Fox News do are completely different. Don't get too worked up over it.


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