Friday, September 12, 2008

The Andy Barch Interview, post week 1

1. Who was the most impressive team in week one?

The Carolina Panthers. Knowing how much pressure is on this team this season, the way they went across the country to play one of the AFC's finest, without their finest receiver Steve Smith and came away with a victory in the final seconds of the game was EXTREMELY impressive. This is a team to watch this season. My question with this team is, can they capitalize now that the Saints are playing without their best WR in Marques Colston?

2. Who was the least impressive team?

The Detroit Lions. I know the Falcons played their tails off, and they were a feel good story in week one, but the Lions simply cannot afford to get embarassed like that in the first week of the season. They were CRUSHED in every phase of the game. I liked Matt Millen a lot as a color analyst on Fox, but at what point to you begin asking the Ford family what they are waiting for? He has tried everything, and NOTHING has worked in Detroit during his tenure. They got thoroughly embarassed in week one, and they've shown no improvement from their second half collapse last season.

3. Does the Tom Brady injury end the Patriots hope of the Super Bowl?

Absolutely it does. I didnt think they'd get there even with him at the helm. I wonder how long it will be until Randy Moss complains about not getting the ball enough, or Cassle not putting the ball on the money. This team was old on defense coming in and their secondary is paper thin. They just arent as powerful as they once were. The other teams in the division are also getting better. I'm not saying they wont make the playoffs, but I dont think there is any way they make the big show.

4. What is up with Vince Young?

Do you remember when the media made a big deal about his poor scores on that wonderlinc test? I've never seen that test, but I hear it tests your ability to process information under pressure. Isnt that important for all quarterbacks? Do you get the sense that he cant really do that? Maybe the media members were right about making a big deal of his scores on that test. Or perhaps, the Titans should have made him go through a psychological evaluation. This story is so bizarre. I dont have anything against Vince Young, but I just dont think he's this superstar quarterback that people thought he was going to be two years ago. That offense just needs a quarterback that will be conservative. The kind that doesnt have to win games, but just not lose them. Kerry Collins will be a fine fit.

5.What team's performance Sunday was more of a mirage, good or bad?

Bad-Indianapolis-They are a much better team than they showed. Those guys hadnt been working together very much in camp with all of the injuries and it showed, they just werent in sync. They'll be just fine.
Good-Atlanta and Chicago. Chicago's offensive line is weak and they're offense is very vanilla. Their D benefitted from Indy's injuries and lack of cohesiveness. Atlanta's offense did what Mike Mularkey and Mike Smith wanted it to do, but they did it against a very weak Lions Defense. Against better teams, Matt Ryan will be challenged, teams will take advantage of the rookie QB and they'll load up the box to stop Norwood and Turner.

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