Saturday, August 23, 2008

George Will vs. Sen. Obama's sense of reality
A point to make here is that I first accessed this column at, and was a tad concerned about posting it.

Way back, in the early days of this site (you know, when the blog averaged three hits a day instead of four), Townhall was on my blog roll.

I took it off because I found some of the columns to socially conservative for my liking. Since, I have tried to stay fiscally conservative and socially moderate.

But if you don't check Townhall at least occasionally, you miss out on George Will, who is up there with Christopher Hitchens and John Steinbeck as one of my favorite writers, ever.

The reason I post this article is because I think everyone needs to read it, to get an idea of what Obama is saying, and how realistic it is.



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