Tuesday, August 19, 2008

OK, deep breath
It was a preseason game.

Just keep repeating that sentence to yourself until you fall asleep.

The Browns are better than they played, and better than they looked. Those brown pants were ugly. I want to know whose idea that was.

"No, see that's the thing. The pants are just brown. No stripes, no white, no orange. They are cheap, though."

I won't stress about this team until the regular season.

It was a preseason game.

Now I'm gonna lay down and pretend this never, ever happened.

And that those pants will find a good home.

In a halfway house.



At 10:44 AM , Anonymous Jeff G said...

The brown pants reminded me of an old joke:

The night before a battle, a General is preparing his uniform with the help of a corporal. Not sure what color to wear, the general asks the corporal for help.

"Well, historically, generals wore red uniforms. In case they were wounded in battle, the soldiers would not see the blood, and would not panic."

"Great!" says the general.

"Shall I prepare your red uniform, then, Sir?"

"No. Prepare my brown uniform."


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