Thursday, August 21, 2008

Something I thought was cool
The Olympics are not something I write about much. After watching so many of the so-called "top athletes in the world" get caught using things they shouldn't have, I am unable to get too excited about what I'm seeing.

But Wednesday night, I saw something that made me feel really good.

It was great to see Kerri Walsh and Misty May-Treanor win the Beach Volleyball gold. They wanted the title so bad, and won it in a rain-soaked beach against the home-favorites, the Chinese.

When they won the gold, the two women thanked their families, their coaches, then did something totally unexpected: They thanked the president.

There was nothing sarcastic about it, either. It was a thank you for his support (Bush visited the pair earlier in the Olympics) and for "everything you do."

Everyone who reads this blog knows my political leanings, and that I have never stopped supporting the president, despite how many times I get upset with him.

But this wasn't political to me. It was a chance for two gold medalists to show pride in their country, and pride in their country's leader.

It was refreshing to see two people go to another country and say something kind to President Bush, rather than use the platform to bash him.

So to May-Treanor and Walsh, I can only say:

Thank you. And congratulations.



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