Sunday, August 10, 2008

Why Obama hasn't broken away
It's been a while since I read Andrew Sullivan regularly.

He's on my blogroll, and there was a time when I read his site every day, even though I disagreed with many things he was writing.

What was disappointing to me is how his blog became, and I could read and see that anywhere, so I cut back on my visits.

Still, in Sullivan's latest column, he makes what I think is a valid point about why Obama still is in a tight race with John McCain:

The choice has evolved to that between an all-Democratic government, headed by a senator whose newness is still one of the most striking things about him, and an old, familiar warhorse who irritated all the right Republicans at one point or another and has a record of bipartisan achievement.

This is important: No one is thrilled about giving the Democrats the houses and the executive branch. History tells us that usually leads to corruption, and the voters are aware of it.

Besides, the Democratic-controlled congress has a lower approval rating than even President Bush.

My guess is Obama will get a sizable bounce after the convention. McCain's challenge will be to keep the deficit manageable so he can grab a slight lead after the Republican Convention.

I don't think it will happen, which is why I still think Obama will win.

But who knows.



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