Thursday, June 26, 2008

NBA Draft Liveblog from 1-19(with special guests, the Vasavada Brothers)
So here we go. The Cavs are set to draft No. 19. We're watching on ESPN. The network is reporting the Bulls will select Memphis' Derrick Rose.

Nihar: It's seems like it's the time of the point guard in the NBA today. It's a homecoming for the hometown boy from Chicago, and I'm sure the Chicago fans appreciate it.

Great question from ESPN's Stephen A. Smith to Rose: "What you gonna do about the Chicago Bulls?"

The Heat take Michael Beasley, forward out of Kansas State with the second pick.

Stephen A. Smith question for Beasley "Were you concerned, were ya scared that ya wasn't gonna end up being picked by the Miami Heat?"

Beasley: Uhhh ... yeah ...

The Timberwolves take O.J. Mayo at No. 3. This guy seemed like a bit of a headcase to me when he was in high school in Ohio. But that was a few years ago. When his school won the state title, my headline idea was "O.J did it," but we decided against it.

Mayo says he's going to " bring some leadership, hard work and dedication." I'm sure the veterans like hearing that from a guy a year out of high school.

Russell Westbrook goes to the Sonics.

Nihar:"I think (Mayo's) got a pretty good all-around game ... I say Minnesota made a good pick. They say he's NBA ready. I think Beasley is NBA-Ready."

Russell Westbrook seems like one of those guys who skyrocketed after the season.

The Grizzlies select UCLA's Kevin Love at No. 5.

More greatness from Stephen A. He prefaces a question for Love with this: "Kevin, last year watching you at college, you're buff, you're bigger, now you're slim, you've lost some weight, you've got some muscles, what's going on here."

And that build up leads to this question: "What can we expect from Kevin Love?"


Next up are the Knicks. Always entertaining in a sickening kind of a way.

The Knicks fans get restless, as David Stern announces the team takes ... Danilo Gallinary from Italy. The poor kid gets welcomed with a resounding chorus of boos.

Nihar: "I think it was a dumb pick."

Speaking of horrid teams, here come the Clippers with the seventh pick. ESPN shows a graphic that says the Clippers lead the NBA with 19 lottery picks coming in. Our beloved Cavs are also on the list, with 12.

The Clippers take Indiana's Eric Gordon. Here come the Milwaukee Bucks.

Nihar "Seems like it's the year of the freshman."

Is Michael Redd coming to Cleveland? Probably not.The Bucks take Joe Alexander from West Virginia. Jay Bilas calls Alexander a "freak of an athlete."

The Bobcats take D.J. Augustin from Texas. Stuart Scott calls the pick a "little bit of a shock here, maybe." So is it a shock or not? Shocks aren't things that are somewhat, or something of.

Brook Lopez looks somewhat dejected. C'mon man, did you really want to play for the Bobcats?

New Jersey comes up at 10. Lopez seems to be the idea here. Sure enough, he goes to the Nets.

Nihar: "A good pick, especially that low, because they need a big guy in New Jersey ... Well, they need everything now, they're rebuilding."

Jerryd Bayliss goes to Indiana.

Nihar: I thought Bayless would go higher.

Kings take Jason Thompson, a forward from Rider (ugh, where?). Thompson isn't even in New York tonight. Using the Joe Thomas model, this should work out great. Thompson's a senior, so he should be ready to contribute.

Trailblazers on the clock. Hopefully it works out better than last season.

Blazers take Brandon Rush from Kansas. Rush, who I had heard the Cavs would have wanted (though no one thought he'd fall that far) is 6-6, 210.

Rush now gets to deal with Stephen A. Smith: "Which you in the lineup, what do you think you guys can do next year -- not 10 years from now?"

Rush says they have some talent, and he just wants to contribute.

Golden State is on the clock.

Warriors take LSU's Anthony Randolph, whose the seventh freshman taken so far.

The Suns are up next with the 15th pick.

The Suns take Robin Lopez. Wow. I thought he'd be there when the Cavs were picking. It's a race for most Cavs fans to see if Kosta is still there when the team picks. Three more picks until then, starting with the 76ers.

Forida's Marreese Speights goes to Philadelphia. Speights, probably fearing a Stephen A. interview, decided to skip the ceremony.

Toronto, Washington, then the Cavs.

Toronto, who Stuart suspects is picking for Indiana, take Roy Hibbert from Georgetown. I thought he might be the best fit for the Cavs.

Nihar doesn't think Washington will take Koufus.

They play a "wired" Brook Lopez. His comments about how boring the draft is are far more entertaining than anything the guys have said.

Washington takes Nevada's JaVale McGee, which means the Cavs can take Koufus. I bet that's what the Cavs' draft party wants.

A trade: Bayless and Ike Diogu go to Portland, Jarrett Jack and Rush go to Indiana.

Cavs are on the clock, but the announcers aren't talking about them. Cavs take J.J. Hickson from N.C. State.

Nihar: I'm shocked.

Meanwhile, Vivek is booing in the background. Nihar says he has his Kosta Koufus jersey on right now.

Well, that's that.



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