Wednesday, June 25, 2008

NBA Draft Interview with Dr. Nihar Vasavada
With the most crucial Cavs' draft in at least five years approaching, I figured it was a good time to talk to Dr. Nihar Vasavada, the most knowledgable fan of the team I know.

Z: What do you think the Cavs' No. 1 priority is in the first round?

N: I think the cavs no. 1 priority is to get the best player available. At 19, historically there are slim pickings, so you can't get too greedy and fill a certain position. But the obvious needs are an heir to Z, and a player who can create his own shot.

Z: Assume Kosta Koufos is available at 19. Do the Cavs grab him? And is that the right move?

N: If Koufos is there at 19, I think the Cavs will consider him because of the aging frontcourt. I don't know if that is the right move, because more than likely, he won't have an immediate impact, like a CDR or Brandon Rush type player might who can create their own shot.

Z: What are the chances of the Cavaliers trading the pick for an established player?

N: If trading the 19th pick as part of a package yields an All-Star player, I think the Cavs have to consider it. As we all know, the clock is ticking with LeBron, and they have to win now or the franchise could be doomed. The Cavs have several expiring contracts to dangle as trade bait, but not very many young prospects, so the 19th pick will probably have to be included in any trade.

Z: Assume Koufos is gone by 19. What then?

N: If Koufos is gone at 19, which he might be, then I think the Cavs have to consider CDR, Chalmers, Hibbert, or R. Lopez. Those guys seem to be safe picks, but may not have the upside as a DeAndre Jordan or Darrel Arthur, the first group may have a more immediate impact.



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