Thursday, June 26, 2008

Mark Shapiro's Market Watch
Today on All Bets are Off with Bruce Drennan, Indians General Manager Mark Shapiro is a guest. For fun, let's see how many times he uses the word "market" during the interview.

"How's Victor?" Bruce asks.
"Victor's great!" Shapiro says. That's why he on the DL for the next six weeks.

Almost five minutes. Then Shapiro can't contain himself.

"If anyone deserves to get top of the market, whatever the top of the market is, it's (Sabathia). The questions is, A, what is top of the market? You never know till you're in that market, because the market changes all the time. Just like the stock market; just like any market. It's fluid."

"Some people, like Peavy out in San Diego, they don't even know what top of the market is. They know what they'll be happy to get to stay in San Diego."

"The market is what the market is at that moment."

"There's some pride involved, to be compensated what they view to be the top of the market for the work they've done."

"My job is at any juncture in time -- any juncture in time -- to have a firm feel of the market and what teams are looking to do, regardless of what we're looking to do."

"Again, I think every situation is fluid. You never know what the market can be. A market can go up because of a greater need as you get closer to a deadline. A market can go down because they have the player for less town."

"It gets back to the market being fluid."

That's 16 times. Might be a record.



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