Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Indians find a way to make Barry Zito look good
The way this season has been going, you knew this was coming.

Barry Zito came into Progressive Field with 11 losses and an earned run average that showed why.

And the Indians got four hits off him.

In professional wrestling, when promoters want to make a wrestler look good, they will book him (or her) against a lower-tier performer. The wrestler getting pushed executes all their big moves against the jobber, showcasing his own talents while receiving little resistance.

The losers of these matches are called enhancement talent.

Well, take out the fact that the finishes to professional wrestling matches are pre-determined, and you'll see the parallel I'm drawing here:

Indians hitters have become enhancement talent for pitchers around the league. As we speak, the Giants' front office is probably on the phone to the commissioner's office, trying to see if they can schedule a home-and-home series against the Indians next year. If Zito has a few more starts against the Indians, his career might appear salvageable.

Cleveland's hitting is crossing the line from frustrating to laughable. The two best hitters in tonight's lineup were Ben Francisco (a guy who was sent to Buffalo for some reason before the season) and Jamey Carroll (a career bench player).

The only positives of this game? Jeremy Sowers, who sealed his defeat by giving up two runs in the first inning, and Casey Blake, who now can say he played shortstop in a Major League game.

The only thing to look forward to now is the trading deadline. It will hurt to trade C.C. Sabathia (who might as well be DHing on his days off), but the Indians front office has done a really good job of convincing the fans it's hardly worthy of deserving a big league team. By constantly reminding the fans what a miserable market they play in, the members of the Indians front office can expect little backlash from the paying customers, who expect good players to leave at second chance.

Maybe General Manager Mark Shapiro will get a desperate team to trade too much for Sabathia, and the Indians can start rebuilding for 2011.



At 4:44 AM , Anonymous Erik said...

It's OK. Didn't Mark Shapiro say on the Kenny Roda show last week that this is a team that plays hard and doesn't hang its head, and that alone makes them worth watching?

You have to find other reason to root for this team besides wins and losses, he said. And since these are a bunch of no-excuses upstanding guys who leave it all out on the field, what more could you want?

I hear the Indians marketing department is even working on a new slogan for 2009:

"Indians Baseball: It's Not Whether You Win or Lose, It's How You Play The Game!"

Tee ball coaches everywhere are beaming with pride.


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