Friday, June 20, 2008

Vitamin Z's Magnificent 7: MLB Power Rankings
1. Chicago Cubs (46-28): This series with the White Sox is more than just novelty. The Cubs are dealing with injuries and were just swept by the Rays.

2. Boston Red Sox (46-30): Boston deserved to lose after wearing those ridiculous green tops Friday.

3. Tampa Bay Rays (43-30): The Rays are having a 1994-like Indians season. Unlike 1994, we'll get to see how this story ends.

4. Los Angeles Angels of Disneyland (44-30): Only three games up on Oakland.

5. Philadelphia Phillies (42-33): Charlie Manuel went by "Chuck" in his short MLB playing career. That's all I got.

6. St. Louis Cardinals (43-32): As great as the Cubs have been, you just wonder how long it will be before they hit a rough spot. The question is whether the Cardinals can capitalize.

7. Chicago White Sox (41-32): It's never boring with these guys, is it?



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