Monday, May 05, 2008

Michaels designated for assignment
Kind of a surprise, since the name I had been hearing was Andy Marte. Michaels is better off in the National League anyway, and maybe Ben Francisco can provide some punch to the anemic lineup.

"You can't spell "Blake" without a K and an E. Even then, all you're left with is 'bla.'" -- Steve Buffum, over at Swerbsblurbs.



At 6:08 AM , Anonymous Erik said...

Release Andy Marte? I don't think so. Do you realize how petrified Shapiro and his crew are of a Brandon Phillips redux? They were humiliated when they gave Phillips away to the Reds and he turned into an all-star caliber player.

They'll keep holding onto Marte and playing him once a week while still allowing Wedge to hold onto Casey Blake like a security blanket. This appeases all parties involved and prevents the front office from having to make any actual decisions.

If increased pressure from Native American groups forces the Indians to change their name, might I suggest the Cleveland John Kerrys? Their logo could be a nervously smiling waffle with syrup dripping all over it.

At 6:19 AM , Anonymous Erik said...

One more thing. This is from Paul Hoynes' story in the PD Tuesday:

"General Manager Mark Shapiro still wants his team to heal itself from inside out instead of outside in."

What the hell does that mean? They're going to start practicing pregame Tai Chi?

They won't make any roster upgrades, but they can achieve inner balance and harmony with the forces of nature. They'll still hit .235 as a team, but they'll be at peace with that fact.

Maybe next, Shapiro will call on the wizard from the Alltel commercials.

At 7:22 AM , Blogger Joel said...

I don't have the answers for Travis Hafner's swing post-steroids, or for Grady Sizemore's astronomical strikeout rate.

But I do know one thing: That team is painful to watch right now. Think, for a second, if Lee and Laffey hadn't done what they've done so far? or Carmona? Yikes. I'd rather watch the Pirates. At least they hit.

At 6:09 PM , Blogger Vince said...

Funny you bring up the Pirates, Joel.
They picked up J-Mike.


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