Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Reds thoughts
Wayne Krivsky's firing as Reds general manager likely had nothing to do with the team's 9-12 start.

Krivsky's ticket out was punched the day Walt Jocketty was brought to the organization. Some of us were surprised Krivsky made it through the winter.

But the problem with the Reds over the past 12 years has been a lack of stability. Actually, there have been thousands of things wrong with the franchise since its last playoff appearance in 1995. But the most glaring is that the ever since Jim Bowden was fired in 2003, the team has been through four general managers and not one winning season.

Walt Jocketty is a very good baseball man. His track record with the Cardinals (7 playoff appearances in 12 years as Cardinals' GM, a World Series title in '05).

In reality, Krivsky was not given enough time to build a winner. But Reds' owner Robert Castellini has shown he's an impatient man. He wants the Reds to win now. In fairness to the owner, Jocketty is like an all-star pitcher, while Krivsky is a young flame thrower with loads of potential. Castellini saw the chance to grab a star, and he did.

It may not work out the way he hopes, but Reds fans are used to that by now.



At 11:46 AM , Anonymous Erik said...

Cards won their World Series in '06. White Sox won it in '05.

Jocketty might turn around the Reds yet. Of course, in St. Louis, he had a mid-market team with some big-market benefits because the Cards draw so well in that baseball-crazy city.

But still, the Cards don't have the resources of New York and Boston, and Jocketty still put them on a winning track for more than a decade.

So, I guess this means Mark Shapiro is now the second-best baseball GM in the state of Ohio. If Jocketty turns the Reds into perennial playoff participants in three to five years, while the Indians continue to play hopscotch, winning 90 one year and 70 the next, will it still be "the market?"


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