Friday, April 25, 2008

The Fourth Annual Andy Barch Pre-Draft Interview
1. Did the Dolphins make the right selection?

Yes, I believe they did because like John Holmes, they had a TON of holes to fill. The Dolphins needed Warriors to win the trenches on both sides of the ball and Bill Parcells knows that. They are aging quickly on defense, but I think they'll be able to address that in the second round. Getting Jake Long will give them two good offensive tackles (Vernon Carey being the other) and that will allow them to fill their other needs later in the draft.

2. Who is the best quarterback in this year's draft?

The guy who will give you the immediate results is Matt Ryan. The scouts say he's a sure thing because of his intangibles. I don't know about his arm strength and he threw too many interceptions last year, but he will be the first QB taken. I personally like the long term potential of Andre Woodson. He's got a long throwing motion which will need to be changed, but his pocket presence and athleticism will set him apart from the rest of the QB's in this draft when we look back at it five years from now. I like Woodson's arm, I like his athletic ability, I like his pocket presence, the only thing I don't like is his release. He will be the best of this class five years down the road.

3. Was it a good idea for the Cowboys to grab Pacman Jones?

Not at all. Its too big of a risk but Jerry Jones likes to take risks. How can you bank on that guy not "making it rain" several times throughout the year? That place (Dallas) is a complete circus. The locker room is split in half already because people don't know who to tie their allegance to; is it the current head coach Wade Phillips or is it his eventual successor Jason Garrett? By grabbing Pacman, they just added one more clown to the circus. Pacman is a great player, but he's done nothing to make me believe that he will change his ways and be a different person.

4. Any chance Chad Johnson gets dealt tomorrow?

I'd be SHOCKED, especially if these reports are true about the Redskins offering the Bengals a FIRST ROUND PICK and potentially another first rounder for him. If they are sticking to their guns, then I think they are applying the kind of stubborness that eventually gets people fired. First off, Chad Johnson is OVERRATED. He's had one season with double digit touchdowns. That's not enough for me to justify surrendering a first round pick for that guy. Second, you know that he's got some baggage now. If he wasnt dealt for a first rounder before the draft, then I have no reason to beleive that he wont go for anything less during the draft.

5. Is there any reason for Browns fans to watch the draft?

On day one? no. On day two, certainly. Like any team, they need to get deeper and they need to find ways to stabilize that secondary. I think if nothing else, for Browns fans it will be fun to see what their AFC North Opponents do. But with no picks on day one, it will be very tough to get involved if you are Browns fan. Be sure to check out our mock draft at



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