Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Turning Point
If you had hopes of the Cavaliers returning to the NBA Finals this year, even after only attaining the No. 4 spot in the Eastern Conference Playoffs, give it up.

The Cavaliers' inability to close out Washington at home, even with a five-point lead and the ball with 1:37 left in the game, is a clear sign the team is not going anywhere.

At this point, I'm actually expecting the team to lose the next two games to Washington. Even if the Cavaliers advance to the second round, it will likely end there.

The Cavaliers had a chance to put away a team on their own home court. They had a chance to make the series one no one will talk about.

Instead, they came out with the "we'll get around to winning it when we feel like it" attitude, and Washington took advantage.

To not have the killer instinct -- after a series where the teams have gone back and forth verbally and physically -- is inexcusable.

Gilbert Arenas didn't even play, and the Cavs still couldn't put Washington down.

I think Washington will win the series, and the Cavs will go into the offseason wondering how they let the Wizards up.



At 7:48 AM , Anonymous Erik said...

Geez, Zach, emotional overreaction much? The Cavs played like crap and still almost won. The only reason they lost is because they went up by five with 1:30 to play and let their foot off the gas.

Don't get me wrong, they are definitely making life a lot harder on themselves, but all this " The world is ending, it's the 2007 ALCS all over again" bellyaching by you and other fans is an overreaction to one loss.

We all know the Cavs don't play their best ball until someone hits them in the mouth. They got annihilated in Game 3 and came back with a gutsy win in Game 4.

I expect the Cavs -- LeBron in particular -- to come out with much more intensity and urgency in Game 6. If they lose in Game 6, they have something the Indians didn't have last fall -- a Game 7 at home.

I know all about Cleveland defense mechanisms and pre-emptive naysaying, but a season has to be dead before you can bury it.


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