Saturday, February 02, 2008

Dream Ticket? Hardly
Everyone who reads this blog probably knows I lean right (some would argue far right, but since I'll probably support John McCain ...)but I am really troubled by a phrase that has made the rounds when concerning the Democratic primary.

The idea that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton joining forces for a "dream ticket" is fairly ridiculous.

Remember a year ago, when most people thought Hillary had the nomination locked up? What happened?

Some people don't like Hillary, and won't vote for her. What they see in Obama is a charming, likeable agent of change. I see him as bland. But I do find him likeable as well.

If Obama were to win the nomination (I don't think he will, but just for the sake of argument) a majority of the voters will have said "We don't want Sen. Clinton in the White House."

And this is the Democratic side.

If this happens, why would Obama be stupid enough to make Hillary part of his ticket? There are probably independents and moderate republicans who would consider voting for Obama, just because he represents change.

If Clinton were on the ticket, the idea of change is all but gone.

If Clinton wins the nomination, there is a better chance of the ticket becoming a reality. But it's hardly a dream.

What the Clintons did to Obama in South Carolina was ethically questionable at best (release the former president)and one would hope won't be brushed under a rug.

But even more so, questions exist about each candidate's experience. Clinton may want to find a candidate that doesn't have some of her shortcomings.

But mostly, the "dream ticket" phrase strikes me as something of a liberal longing on the part of some in the media. I heard the phrase once before. Four years ago, Sen. John Kerry was courting John McCain to be his Vice President, leading to "dream ticket" being used.

I don't see how any ticket with Kerry on it in an capacity could be seen as a dream. It might induce one, but that's another matter.

That ticket, of course, failed to materialize.

My guess is this year's version will experience the same fate.



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