Friday, February 01, 2008

Super Bowl
I can't figure it out. The biggest game of the NFL season is two days away. It involves an undefeated team. It involves a Wild Card team and has big name quarterbacks and lots of media appeal.

It's also the last real NFL game for seven months.

But I don't care.

I'm sick of the Patriots, and I have never liked the Giants much either. The overload of New England love from the national media has created a situation where not only do I not want the Patriots to win, but I'm tired of seeing them.

Really, the entire playoff schedule has slipped by without too much passion on my part. Once the Browns missed the playoffs, I lost a lot of interest. I figured I'd get interested again once the big game drew near.

But instead, all I can think about is Tuesday or Wednesday, when members of the media will have to jump on some other bandwagon.

If the Patriots do win, it's remarkable. It's been a perfect season, something I thought I'd never see.

But it's not without blemish. The Patriots were caught cheating after week one. Rodney Harrison admitted to cheating before the season began. And Bill Belichick is about as likeable as a splinter.

I just can't get into this.



At 7:49 AM , Anonymous Erik said...

Don't worry about the national media. They'll be fine. The Celtics, or "The Nation" as ESPN's yakkers call them, are still on pace for nearly 70 wins.

(I think "The Nation" now applies to all of Boston. Maybe Boston should just secede from the union and start their own country. The rest of the U.S. is probably just holding them back from realizing the full potential of their greatness.)

When they're not talking about Celtic Nation, there is the imminent arrival of spring training and the awakening of World Series Champion Red Sox Nation.

By the way, you can't just call them the Red Sox anymore. ESPN says so. Only Bostonians can do that. The rest of us have to call them World Series Champion Red Sox Nation, then genuflect toward any images of Big Papi that might be present.

So don't worry about the national media. There is still plenty of greatness going on in The Nation, so they won't be forced to talk about sports in the "Lesser 49" anytime soon.


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