Monday, January 21, 2008

Phil's NFL Picks
Chargers (13-5) @ Patriots (17-0)
A look at San Diego:
THE CHARGERS WIN BECAUSE OF - Depth. Injuries San Diego have taken to their quarterback, running back, and tight end position would have crippled most NFL teams. The Chargers, however, were able to use Michael Turner and BIlly Volek last week to upset the favored Colts in the divisional round. Shawne Merriman gets a lot of the attention, but the Bolts defense over is still one of the league's better units.

THE CHARGERS LOSE BECAUSE OF - Injuries. If Volek has to start this game at QB, it needs to be noted that he has not thrown a touchdown pass since 2005. LaDainian Tomlinson may not be at full strength, which is not good heading into this game. Also, as far as coaching goes, Norv Turner vs Bill Bellichick is a huge mismatch. San Diego might just be happy to be here, which will not be good enough to win.

CHARGERS FAST FACT - This is San Diego's first trip to the AFC Championship Game since 1994.

A look at New England:
THE PATRIOTS WIN BECAUSE OF - The fact they are the best team in the NFL. Like them or not, New England has not just won, they have dominated most teams in the NFL this year. Tom Brady is having his best year by far ever since he was given receivers to throw the ball to. Camera-gate aside, Bill Bellichick is still widely considered the best coach in the league. Finally, how can we forget the 38-14 thumping New England gave San Diego in Week 2?

THE PATRIOTS LOSE BECAUSE OF - The upset of the year takes place. Take nothing away from the Chargers, but the Patriots are clearly the better team here. No matter what opposing teams try to do, New England adjusts their game accordingly.

PATRIOTS FAST FACT - Tom Brady has never lost a home playoff game.

Zach's thought: I had the Patriots, despite cheering for the Chargers.

Date: Sunday - January 20, 2008
Kickoff: 6:30 PM ET
Station: FOX

Giants (12-6) @ Packers (14-3)
A look at New York:
THE GIANTS WIN BECAUSE OF: Their defense. Eli Manning gets all the attention because he's the quarterback, but the Giants have made their name this year on the other side of the ball. Their pass rush is critical in slowing down Brett Favre. Michael Strahan had 11 sacks this year while teammate Justin Tuck had 10. That production will be needed on Sunday.

THE GIANTS LOSE BECAUSE OF: The return of bad Eli. To his credit, Manning has put together three games in a row that were mistake free. In those contests, he showed why he was a first round draft talent. However, Manning has also been incredibly inconsistent throughout his career and this will be his biggest test in his young career. It will be interesting to see how the hostile road environment will affect him.

GIANTS FAST FACT: The Giants were 7-1 on the road in the 2007 regular season.

A look at Green Bay:
THE PACKERS WIN BECAUSE OF: Brett Favre. The man is 38 years young and having arguably the best season of his 17 year career. His long pass has been rediscovered with amazing accuracy, putting him back in the NFC Championship game. While he clashed with head coach Mike McCarthy at first, it is clear that their relationship has resulted in Favre's return to the elite standings of quarterbacks.

THE PACKERS LOSE BECAUSE OF: Turnovers. Ryan Grant coughed up two fumbles last week which led to Seattle taking a quick 14-0. Green Bay must be protective of the football as New York will be looking to strip the Packers of the ball every chance they get. As good as Green Bay has been, you cannot keep spotting your opponent easy points.

PACKERS FAST FACT: Green Bay last won the NFC Championship 10 years ago in 1997

Zach's thought: I took the Packers, against my better judgement.

LAST WEEK: 3-1 Z: 2-2
OVERALL: 173-91 Z: Who cares? There's one game left and Phil's been leading all season by at least five games. For god's sake, this is my blog, and I never win. Losing to Phil is one thing, but I lost to a DENTIST in the elimination game. Sigh.



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