Sunday, February 10, 2008

College friends
So what do you say when a group of your friends from college start a bi-weekly podcast on their new blog?

If you answered "put over the site and give your buddies kind words" you win.

I worked with Erik Bell at BGRSO a number of years ago while at Bowling Green. I guess he's in education now. But he still knows his stuff and is an all-around good guy. He lived across from me one year in college, before we worked together. He always had lots of BGRSO fliers.

I met Nick Seuberling at BGRSO. He and I were the only two panelists on On the Line to correctly predict a Patriots win over the Rams in Super Bowl 37. Big Bengals fan. I try not to hold that against him.

Andy Barch has been a member of The Panel, and an occasional columnist here. He also joins me for interviews from time to time. He also worked as my bodyguard during my short-lived career as a professional wrestling manager. Let me tell you, I was on my way to being the next Paul Jones. (The last two sentences were a joke).

Joel Hammond is a friend and nemesis, depending on the discussion. He gets personally offended when I rip on Casey Blake. He also writes for a magazine that a lot of people read. He lifts my spirits when I'm down, and knocks me down a rung when I'm cocky. He was my second sports editor at the BG News, and he set me up on the women's soccer beat, which changed me forever.

So those are the guys running it. They are The Beatles, and from what I hear, I may occasionally play Billy Preston.

It's football discussion. It's media repercussions. It's new-age curmudgeons.

It's web site, football night, get it right, quite a sight.

It's all there for you, at

I have listened to all the shows so far. Despite the fact that these guys are my friends, I wouldn't tell you to listen to a 22-minute podcast unless I thought it was worth your time.

And yes, I'm biased. But these guys know their stuff and they worked during the golden age of BG media.

How do I know? I was there. There was just something about that period. The moons and stars alligned. Joel, Erik Cassano, Nick Hurm and I were all part of it. So were Andy Barch, Nick Seuberling, Erik Bell, Greg Gania, Phil Prusa and Aaron Rund.

Yes, they are all my friends. Am I biased about how good they all were? Of course.

But after this build-up, how can you not at least check out the site some of them have started?

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At 8:18 PM , Anonymous Hurm said...


Those were great times.

I'm interested to know how the women's soccer team changed your life?

Obviously, they changed my life too since I dated one of the girls for three years ... three very long years!!!!!


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