Sunday, February 10, 2008

PD endorses Obama, McCain
The endorsement of Obama seems as vague as the candidate himself. The endorsement of McCain is meaningless, since the Arizona senator has essentially won the nomination.

I would not have predicted this, but the tide seems to be favoring Barack Obama. Long ago, I learned to never doubt the Clintons' ability to win elections.

But I think the Democratic party is coming to the realization that Obama vs. John McCain is a sure-win. A Hillary Clinton v. McCain race could be tough. There is a certain population out there that will not vote for the New York senator. McCain has the ability to use so many things against her and her past.

Obama doesn't really have a past that is well known.

Hillary Clinton is far from finished. But for the first time in about three years, I am beginning to wonder whether the senator will win her party's nomination.



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