Saturday, January 12, 2008

Grantham fired
Really, this was inevitable.

Most thought that when Romeo Crennel was fired halfway through the 2007 season, the team's defensive coordinator, Todd Grantham, would take his place.

Both men had to be aware of this speculation. You can imagine the tension it must have created, especially since Grantham, like almost everyone in his profession, likely has aspirations to be a head coach.

Of course, the defense was a disappointment, but the Browns were not. Plus, Crennel and GM Phil Savage had to be intrigued about the possibilities of what a new coordinator could do, in light of what Rod Chudzinski accomplished with the offense this season.

Like I said, it was inevitable.



At 2:09 PM , Anonymous Erik said...

I don't think Grantham's firing had anything to do with Romeo percieving Grantham as a threat to his job, which is what I'm getting from your post.

This had far more to do with the fact that the defense regressed statistically in each of Grantham's three years at the helm, and this year, the defense really didn't stabilize this year until Romeo started to assume playcalling duties about midway through the season.

I still point the finger at the lack of depth on the D-line before I point the finger at Grantham. But there is no doubt that the defense was sagging under Grantham, and maybe he wasn't the right man for this job.

Here's hoping Mel Tucker lives up to the hype as one of the fast-rising assistant coaches in the league.


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