Thursday, January 10, 2008

Andy Barch Playoff Interview

Z: What are the chances of Pete Carroll going to Atlanta?

AB: He will obviously entertain the idea, but in the end, I'd be SHOCKED if he takes that job.

Z: Would he even be a good fit in the NFL?

AB: Anymore I'm not sure. You'd think some guys would learn their lesson after seeing Petrino, Saban and Spurrier fail. Of course, Carroll is different because I believe he has a 34-33 record with the Jets and Patriots. However, he's built a dynasty over the last 7 years with USC, and he's a celebrity down there. I wouldn't leave a great opportunity for an opportunity that has the potential to be great.

Z: Were you surprised Joe Gibbs stepped down?

AB: Not at all, I think he did as much as he could with the Redskins and brought them throug a VERY difficult time. Getting young men who are struck with adversity and tragedy to use their grief in a positive manner which resulted in a tremendous amount of momentum, is a VERY difficult task.

Z: Who do you like in the games this week?

AB: As much as I hate to say it, I have to pick the Patriots. About five weeks ago, Jeremy Green of ESPN said he thought the Jags were a team that could give the Pats some problems because they run the ball well, they stop the run well and they are a team that could win road games in the cold, rain, snow, etc.

I just dont know if they can stop the Patriots passing game, and David Gerrard looked less than impressive against the Steelers, so htat concerns me. I really want to say the Jags, but I"ll pick the Patriots.

In the other Saturday game, I like the Packers, but if the weather is real nice, and Hasslebeck can open up the passing game, GB could be in real trouble. However, Green Bay can run on Seattle, and though Seattle's pass rush looked great against the Skins, Favre has done a great job of getting the ball out early and letting his WRs do the rest.

I like Green Bay, but I think it will be very close, much like the '04 playoff game

Sunday, I like the Chargers. I think they got hot at the right time and I think this team is poised to do some special things this year. Last week, they proved that they could win without LT going nuts, and this week, I think they can do some damage against Indy's defense, which is a bit banged up.

I also like the Giants, if nothing else, because TO will not be 100% and their passing game hasn't looked all that great during the final few weeks of the season. Wade Phillips has never been a great playoff coach, and the Giants are a great road team. Not to mention, it's VERY difficult to beat the same team three times the same season

Now onto the colts. Resting players is never a good idea unless they are really dinged up and actually need the rest. The season is routine for these guys and you never want to risk injury, but as Coach Ditka always says, you cannot turn it on and turn it off week after week. Last year, the Colts didn't rest their guys and look what happened. However, I dont know if there's a team riddled with more injuries than these guys left in the playoffs, so they did need it badly. They're in for a tough matchup this week, though.

Z: Super Bowl pick?

AB: Patriots-Giants, rematch of Week 17's thriller. I cannot pick the Packers; it's bad kharma. For the same reason, I'm picking the Patriots. nothing would make me happier than seeing those guys lose in the playoffs after going unbeaten in the regular season. That, and I don't know who can beat those guys.



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