Monday, January 14, 2008

Hitchens' case against Hillary Clinton
It was in June of 2004 that I first began to appreciate the writings of Christopher Hitchens. That was when he brilliantly took Michael Moore to task for the unbelievable -- as in, not believable-- film that so many gushed over.

Perhaps the right had found an ally, I thought, in this right-minded Englishman.

The next week, I read a piece by him called The Stupidity of Ronald Reagan, which was written just days after the former president had died.

Since then, I have read almost every article of his I could find. I soon realized that you don't have to agree with Hitchens to enjoy him and appreciate him as a writer. On the contrary, it would seem difficult to find someone who agrees with Hitchens on every issue, simply because he is all over the place.

The first book of his that I read was No One Left to Lie to, a rather scathing attack on Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton and the the entire machine that ran the country for eight years.

The book took the the former president on mainly from the left, which is something I wasn't used to, and many of those criticisms were ones I didn't share.

But there were also things in that book that forever altered the way I looked at the former president and his wife. I tell people who ask (and more than a few who don't) that my biggest problems with the Clintons are not political.

What I was sure of is that wherever Hillary went as she tried to present herself as electable, Hitchens wouldn't be far behind.

In other words, I knew this was coming.

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