Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Here and there
Coming two days after the last mention of Brock Lesner, the former WWE champion signed with the Vikings. I place his chances in the NFL this somewhere between a Royals world series this year and a reunion tour of the original Mills Bros.

- I read the transcript of Bill O'Reilly v. Michael Moore interview. Surprisingly, the Fleet Center remained in tact from the presence of two of the biggest egotists on planet earth in the same room. I am a fan of neither, in case you're wondering.
OK, you probably WERE NOT wondering about Moore. But O'Reilly is difficult for me to watch. When I have seen his show, it seems to degenerate into a screaming match rather than a debate. I hate that in any form.

-A columnist said he is planning on boycotting ESPN. I however, just plan on boycotting "Screaming" Stephen A. Smith. Hey, if I wanted to watch screaming, I'd get a Daffney tribute set.
I wonder how many will get that reference.


At 8:16 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Vitamin Z,
Iwould just like to tell you I am one of your greatest fans!! You truely speak words of wisdom. I will try to comment more on your postings. I just wanted to tell you I really apriciate your time and dedication.


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