Friday, December 11, 2009

Browns beat the Steelers
Can one game save a coach?

Before Thursday, I would have said no. But then, I forgot how much I hate the Steelers.

Brady Quinn looks more like a ski instructor that an NFL quarterback. He was AWFUL. But at least he didn't throw an interception.

I'm still not entirely certain who some of the Browns were who recorded sacks Thursday. We had a Corey Williams sighting. Marcus Benard (who?) was borderline dominant. And Josh Cribbs is simply the best player of the new era, and frankly becoming one of the best players in frachise history.

The Browns could very well have spent their might. They may not win again until next season.

But the Browns did something this season that seemed crazy even before this ridiculous train ride. They beat the rival.

Mangini? I wanted him gone. Maybe it's the "beat the Steelers!" buzz talking, but now I'm not entirely against him staying on.

This feels really good.



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