Friday, December 25, 2009

Top 10 Browns players of the decade (the candidates)
Everyone can leave their suggestions (or votes) in the comment section or through email. I will start doing bios and commentaries next week on the winners.

From this list, I'll pick 10, based on what everyone thinks.

The Candidates
Tim Couch, Josh Cribbs, Kellen Winslow, Braylon Edwards, Phil Dawson, Joe Thomas, Dennis Northcutt, Kevin Johnson, Ryan Tucker, Jamir Miller, Lawrence Vickers, Jamal Lewis, Andra Davis, Kamerion Wimbley, Ryan Pontbriand, Leigh Bodden, Sean Jones, Shaun Rogers,Eric Steinbach, Derek Anderson.

Is their anyone I'm forgetting (bracing for sarcastic picks like ... well, everyone not listed above)?

Actually, in most NFL organizations, some of these picks WOULD be sarcastic.



At 7:58 AM , Anonymous Jeff said...

An all-decade team should only include those who have enjoyed sustained success.

I think there are 4 locks...Dawson, Cribbs, Thomas, and Pontbriand.

And, after some thinking, I think these are the only 4 I put on the list of ten.

My Top Ten:
1. Loyal Browns Fans
2. Josh Cribbs
3. Phil Dawson
4. Ryan Pontbriand
5. Joe Thomas
6. (Selection vacated due to Courtney Brown injuries)
7. (selection vacated due to Gerard Warren's Gerard Warren-ness)
8. (Selection vacated due to William Green's penchant for weed)
9. (selection vacated due to unnecessary QB controversies)
10. (selection reserved for P Chris Gardocki for giving middle finger to Steelers, then vacated when he signed with them.)

At 7:59 AM , Anonymous Erik said...

1. Dawson
2. Cribbs
3. Miller
4. Thomas
5. Tucker
6. Couch
7. Rogers
8. Winslow
9. Davis
10. Pontbriand


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