Sunday, November 22, 2009

For one day... I'm caught up
To celebrate, here's 10 things I think:

1. It's safe to say that I have disagreed with just about everything President Obama has done. I didn't vote for him though, so I can't say I'm shocked by just how liberal he is.

2. After this health care thing, I am done listening to anyone trying to tell me the Republican party needs to be more moderate. President Obama promised change, but it's same old, with just about everyone going party line on the bill that will define the first half of his presidency. If moderate means spending, then that's the last thing the party (or the country) needs.

3. Not a fan of Sarah Palin. I always will defend her against people who hate her rather than dislike her politics. But she quit on her state. The Democrats would love to see her get the nomination in 2012.

4. I didn't want a reset last year on the Browns. I thought there was too much talent to blow up the roster. Well, Mangini is doing the best job of destroying a Cleveland franchise since Ted Stepian.

5. The Browns should at least call Rich McKay.

6. Why is Rush Limbaugh not allowed to own a team, but Keith Olbermann is allowed to ramble for an hour on the league's biggest program every week?

7. I don't like Limbaugh either, but it's a double standard.

8. Great to see Sandy Alomar back home.

9. If Jim Tressel ever leaves Ohio State, Buckeye fans (even the ones who criticize him) will realize exactly what they lost in about 15 seconds.

10. Chuck is coming back in January. V is my favorite show on right now, though.



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