Saturday, October 31, 2009

10 questions I'd ask Randy Lerner
If I got to talk to the Browns' owner, here's what I'd want to know:

1. What do you think of the team Eric Mangini has assembled?

2. What were your expectations coming into this season?

3. Has Mangini met those expectations?

4. What has been your best decision since taking over the Browns in 2002?

5. What has been your biggest mistake?

6. What did you learn from your father about owning an NFL team?

7. Did you learn anything from Art Modell?

8. How much football do you watch that isn't the Browns?

9. Do you expect to be owning this franchise in five years?

10. What have the last seven years taught you about being an owner?



At 12:50 PM , Anonymous Erik said...

1. "I think it's a team with the potential to someday be great. Obviously, we're not where we want to be right now, but it's a long journey."

2. "I wanted to see a competitive football team, and I think in some ways I have, though it might not be obvious to a lot of people."

3. "Certainly there is room for Eric to improve in his job, but that is the case for everyone in the organization right now, all the way up to the owner."

4. "That's hard to say. I'd say I've made a lot of decisions, both good and bad. I think it just comes down to the idea that you're trying to improve every day."

5. "As I was just saying, I've made a lot of decisions, both good and bad. I'll be the first one to admit I've made mistakes, but you try to learn from them and you move on."

6. "Art is a great man. He's been fantastic for the league, a real trail blazer who has helped make the NFL what it is today. So what I'd say is that everything I've ever learned about being an NFL owner I learned from my father and Art Modell."

8. "Well, I do try to keep up on the status of the league because I do believe a good owner should know what is going on with the competition. Sometimes I'm out of the country and whatnot, and that makes it more difficult. But during the season, I'm always checking the Internet, trying to keep up on what I can."

9. "Absolutely. When I took this team over, I made a commitment, and I wouldn't have taken it over if I didn't want the commitment. I love the Cleveland Browns and I am doing everything I can to revive the team's legacy as one of the dominant organizations of the NFL."

10. "Well, that's a hard one. I think what I was taught the most is that there are a lot of great people associated with the Browns and the NFL in general. There are so many people working behind the scenes to make the NFL a better product, and we've got our own set of top-notch people working for the Browns, people the fans don't see every day. I'm proud to be associated with all of them."

"We done? Thanks for your time Ziggy.... oh, I mean Zach..."


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