Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Panel: Week 6
Aaron Rund: Dateline Washington
Andy Barch: Dateline somewhere in West Virginia
Joel Hammond: Dateline Clevelandish
Nihar Vasavada: Dateline wherever LeBron is
Phil Prusa: Dateline Tempe, AZ
Vivek Vasavada: Dateline WCW Special Forces
Curtis A: Dateline: Akron St. Rob Ryan
Zach: Dateline Northwest Ohio Mancave

Houston at Cincinnati 1:00 PM
Taking Cincinnati: Zach, Aaron, Phil, Joel,Vivek, Nihar, Andy, Curtis, (C)
Comment: Kroger had to buy tickets to show this game on TV in Cincinnati. Wonder if you need a Kroger Card to see the game.

Detroit at Green Bay 1:00 PM
Taking Green Bay: Zach, Aaron, Phil, Joel, Vivek, Nihar, Andy, (C), Curtis
Comment:Detroit is on the road, meaning we have to get it on TV.

Baltimore at Minnesota 1:00 PM
Taking Baltimore: Zach, Andy
Taking Minnesota: Aaron, Phil, Joel, Vivek, Nihar, (C)
Comment: Ray Lewis and Brett Favre-- which one of these has-beens has had their legend prolonged more by talent around them?

NY Giants at New Orleans 1:00 PM
Taking New York: Phil, Joel, Vivek, Nihar
Taking New Orleans: Zach, Aaron, Andy, Curtis, (C)
Comment: Yes, we get the Lions here instead of this.

Cleveland at Pittsburgh 1:00 PM
Taking Cleveland: Joel, Curtis, (C)
Taking Pittsburgh: Zach, Aaron, Phil, Vivek, Nihar, Andy
Comment: The Browns are not allowed to beat the Steelers under the latest Obama stimulus plan. Not that it'd make a difference.

Carolina at Tampa Bay 1:00 PM
Taking Carolina: Zach, Aaron, Phil, Joel, Vivek, Nihar, Andy, (C),Curtis
Comment: "Good news Kellen, we traded you. Bad news, we actually found a team worse than us to take you. Think about that the next time you go on a tirade."

Kansas City at Washington 1:00 PM
Taking Kansas City: Aaron, Nihar
Taking Washington: Zach, Phil, Joel, Vivek, Andy, Curtis (C)
Comment: Bet this win won't stop hatred towards Jim Zorn. Tim Tebow just texted me and said he hates him.

St. Louis at Jacksonville 1:00 PM
Taking St. Louis: Andy, (C) Curtis
Taking Jacksonville: Zach, Aaron, Phil, Joel, Vivek, Nihar
Comment: Lost in the Rush Limbaugh discussion-- his ownership of the Rams could never be as embarrassing as the team's play.

Arizona at Seattle 4:05 PM
Taking Arizona: Aaron, Vivek, Nihar, Andy
Taking Seattle: Zach, Phil, Joel, (C), Curtis
Comment:Will these teams just decide if they'll be good already?

Philadelphia at Oakland 4:05 PM
Taking Philadelphia: Zach, Aaron, Phil, Joel, Vivek, Nihar, Andy, Curtis, (C)
Comment: Really, I'm surprised Tom Cable hasn't punched out more assistants. And players.

Tennessee at New England 4:15 PM
Taking New England: Zach, Aaron, Phil, Joel, Vivek, Nihar, Andy, Curtis (C)
Comment: Jevon Kearse would rather spend time with his family than watch his team lose 31-9. Jerk.

Buffalo at NY Jets 4:15 PM
Taking New York:Zach, Aaron, Phil, Joel, Vivek, Nihar, Andy, Curtis (C)
Comment: Braylon Edwards catches 13 passes and Jon Gruden spends 3 hours praising him to an audience of a television and a couch. The couch desperately tries to turn off the TV, before realizing that it won't shut Gruden up, because he isn't on TV. But the couch realizes long before Gruden does.

Chicago at Atlanta 8:20 PM
Taking Chicago: Aaron, Curtis (C)
Taking Atlanta: Zach, Phil, Joel, Vivek, Nihar, Andy
Comment: I bet 2 1/2 minutes until the first Michael Vick reference.

Denver at San Diego
Taking Denver: Aaron, Phil, Nihar, Curtis, (C)
Taking San Diego: Zach, Joel, Vivek, Andy
Comment: Josh McDaniels' celebration last week reminded me of watching that Saved By The Bell episode where the cast raps to Snow White.



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