Wednesday, September 09, 2009

The Panel: Week 1
Kicking it old school in 2009.
Aaron Rund: BGRSO mate
Andy Barch: BGRSO mate
Joel Hammond: BG News chum
Nihar Vasavada: High school
Phil Prusa: BGRSO mate
Vivek Vasavada: Elementary school buddy
Curtis A.: Brother
Zach: If you have to ask by now...
Note: Vivek is ill this week, so the coin is filling in for him. Get well soon. Caw.

Thursday, 8:30 p.m.
Titans at Steelers
Taking Tennessee: Vivek,(C)
Taking Pittsburgh: Zach, Joel, Phil, Curtis A, Aaron, Nihar, Andy
Thought: Only the Steelers could fumble away the ball inside the Titans' 5 in regulation, get the ball back on the OT toss, then win. Sickening.

Miami at Atlanta 1:00 PM
Taking Miami: Zach,
Taking Atlanta: Phil, Joel, Curtis A., Vivek, Aaron, (C), Nihar, Andy.
Thought: Surprise teams of last year. I don't think either will be good.

Denver at Cincinnati 1:00 PM
Taking Denver:Nihar.
Taking Cincinnati: Zach, Phil, Joel, Curtis A., (C), Vivek, Aaron, Andy
Thought: Nihar likes Denver. Not to say that the rest of us LIKE the Bengals.

Minnesota at Cleveland 1:00 PM
Taking Minnesota: Zach, Joel, Phil, Aaron, Nihar, Andy
Taking Cleveland (for some unknown reason): Curtis A, Vivek,(C)
Thought: The coin damns Vivek to picking his favorite team.

Jacksonville at Indianapolis 1:00 PM
Taking Indianapolis: Zach, Phil, Joel, Curtis A, Aaron, Vivek, (C), Nihar, Andy
Thought: No love for Jax.

Detroit at New Orleans 1:00 PM
Taking New Orleans: Zach, Phil, Joel, Curtis A., Vivek, Aaron, (C), Nihar, Andy.
Thought: Even the coin is afraid to pick Detroit.

Dallas at Tampa Bay 1:00 PM
Taking Dallas: Zach, Phil, Joel, Aaron, Nihar, Andy
Taking Tampa Bay: Curtis A., (C) Vivek, Andy
Thought: Where did Raheem Morris come from?

Philadelphia at Carolina 1:00 PM
Taking Philadelphia:Phil, Joel, Vivek, (C), Nihar.
Taking Carolina: Aaron, Andy, Zach, Curtis A., Andy
Thought: Michael Vick is boring already.

Kansas City at Baltimore 1:00 PM
Taking Baltimore: Zach, Phil, Joel, Curtis A., (C), Vivek, Aaron, Nihar, Andy
Thought: But, Matt Cassel...

NY Jets at Houston 1:00 PM
Taking the Jets: Zach, Joel (C), Vivek, Aaron, Nihar
Taking the Texans:Phil, Curtis A., Andy
Thought: In Texas, there is another problem: Texans.

Washington at NY Giants 4:15 PM
Taking the Giants: Zach, Phil, Joel, Curtis A., (C), Vivek, Aaron, Nihar
Taking the Redskins: Andy
Thought: Et tu, Aaron?

San Francisco at Arizona 4:15 PM
Taking San Francisco: Zach, (C), Vivek, Aaron
Taking Arizona: Phil, Joel, Curtis A., Nihar, Andy
Thought: Arizona was almost Super Bowl champion. How?

St. Louis at Seattle 4:15 PM
Taking the Rams: (C), Vivek, Nihar,
Taking the Seahawks: Zach, Phil, Joel, Curtis A., Aaron, Andy
Thought: And into every week a boring game must fall.

Chicago at Green Bay 8:20 PM
Taking the Bears: (C), Vivek
Taking the Packers: Zach, Phil, Joel, Curtis A., Aaron, Nihar, Andy
Thought: Jay Cutler doesn't like us.

Buffalo at New England 7:00 PM
Taking the Patriots: Zach, Phil, Joel, Curtis A.,(C), Vivek, Aaron, Nihar, Andy
Thought: Tom Brady comes back by destroying an NAIA school.

San Diego at Oakland 10:15 PM
Taking San Diego: Zach, Phil, Joel, Curtis A., Aaron, Nihar, Andy.
Taking the Raiders: (C), Vivek,
Thought: ESPN ALWAYS does this. Gives us a great idea, but the worst possible team (Raiders) to execute it.



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