Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Sabathia, Indians
C.C Sabathia is an entirely different pitcher.

Not just from last year. The truth is we have never seen the guy that was on the mound Wednesday night before.

The optimists (which, pretty much means the Indians announcers, everyone employed by STO and most in the Cleveland media) want to tell you it's early, that this club can turn it around.

Go back to 2006 and you'll pretty much hear the same thing.

But forget everyone else on the team. If Sabathia doesn't turn it around soon, this team is a lost cause. His inability to get out of the fifth inning in back-to-back starts is alarming. Tonight's offense pretty much called it a night after David Dellucci's homer, knowing that if C.C wasn't going to get it done, what chance did they have?

I don't have any idea what's wrong with Sabathia. But if he continues to pitch the way he has, the Indians will be lucky to win 75 games.


Browns coach Romeo Crennel told reporters after last season that the Browns would be aggressive in the offseason in trying to improve themselves.

His reasoning was that teams either get better or worse, but never stay the same. It was late December when he made those remarks, but they stuck with me. The Browns made a number of changes this offseason.

The Indians, coming within one game of the World Series last year -- essentially stayed with what they had.

Fifteen games in, it looks like the Indians have gotten worse.

In Wednesday's lineup, three of the nine hitters were batting less than .200. When the game got out of hand, Wedge brought in Jason Michaels, who went 0 for 2 and is now hitting below .100.

It didn't matter how the Indians hit Wednesday night, and they seemed to know it. Even manager Eric Wedge, who doesn't criticize much, said his team was giving away at-bats.

Maybe this is rock bottom for the Indians. Or maybe it's just the beginning of what will be a disappointing season.



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