Saturday, April 05, 2008

Some answers on the Indians
Is it time to worry about the Indians? No, not yet. We're five games into the season, and this team's offense always runs hot and cold.

Still, I think the last few games does show how crucial Victor Martinez is. It's obvious when you see that Jason Michaels is batting third. One day someone will need to explain to me why Ryan Garko is always buried in the lineup. Wouldn't today's order been more imposing with Garko third and Michaels somewhere far, far away?

- Still, the Indians will be fine as long as the pitching holds up. I was worried about Rafael Betancourt before he even threw a pitch this season, simply because it's almost impossible to duplicate a season like the one he had.

C.C. Sabathia doesn't concern me too much. He won't have to pitch in Oakland again until he's either in the playoffs or in another uniform. For whatever reason, he struggles out there.

Cliff Lee will be making his first major league start since tipping his cap to fans after getting shelled in a game last summer. He needs a good game, if for no other reason than to restore his confidence.

- Curtis A. has a very good saying about baseball. He says divisions are never won in April, but they can be lost in April.

We are still very early in the season. But if the last few games have shown anything, it's that Victor Martinez is the MVP of the offense. Can you imagine if he went on the DL, or worse, went into a Travis Hafner-like decline?

The more I see of Hafner, the more I wonder if his elbow problems will prevent him from ever being the type of hitter he was a few years ago. And the truth is, the Indians need him to be a .300, 40-homer guy. They paid him way too much to be a glorified Marty Cordova.

- Again, it's early. But it wouldn't be like me to not be looking for signs, even in the first week of the year.



At 6:42 AM , Anonymous Erik said...

You can let Casey Blake have it after all. He sucks.

Remember the good ol' days, when Casey Blake was good for .270, 20 homers, 70 RBI and a .145 average with RISP? Those were the days.

I liked that Casey Blake a whole lot more than the new, non-improved Casey Blake with his .150 average, zero homers, two RBI and .008 RISP average.


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