Thursday, March 20, 2008

When the men's tournament happens, there usually aren't too many things for me to pull for. Bowling Green is a ways away from making a run. Ohio State rarely made the tournament when I was younger, and it is out this season.

So aside from following my bracket and cheering for teams that way, here's a list of how I follow the tournament.

- Ohio teams get rooting preference, regardless of what my bracket says. So my two favorite teams in this year's tournament are Xavier and Kent State. Xavier won today, though it took some work on its part to overcome No. 14 Georgia. The Golden Flashes are losing to UNLV as I write this, but it's very early.

-MAC teams are also preferable. Usually there is only one (Kent State this year), but graduating from a MAC school, I want the team to do well, no matter which one it is. I'm still under the dillusion that a good run by one of the teams in the tournament will give the conference a better chance at at-large bids in the future. Of course, it never happens, but you have to keep hoping.

- Mid-Majors are easy to pull for, since I relate to them being a MAC student. George Mason struck a blow for all of us a few years ago.

- Underdogs getting wins is always what stands out. So I pull for that too. Northwestern State, anyone?

You kind of knew it was going downhill for Kent State when it managed six points in the first 16 minutes of play. Ugh.



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