Sunday, March 30, 2008

Making up for a nine day break
The most disturbing thing I've read all week is that my favorite writer, Christopher Hitchens, has given up smoking. I'm a lifelong non-smoker and pester all my friends who do it to quit.

But Hitch giving up smoking is like taking the cape off of Superman. Still, the news is good, since it will allow Hitchens to probably live longer, and thus keep producing great work for years and years to come.

- If CBS is doing a big game, I don't care what the sport is -- I want Gus Johnson announcing. He's a guy who gets it. He loves his job, he's enthusiastic, and he seems genuine.

- The Indians season starts tomorrow. I'm not all that confident this season, but I rarely have been since the Indians rebuilt.

- I miss Harold Reynolds.

- Hillary Clinton chooses dishonesty over honesty so many times that it's difficult to believe anything she says. Her husband got away with it. To this point, she has not.

- Are the Cavaliers ever going to be healthy? Will they ever win again?

- I promise to go easy on Casey Blake this year. If the Indians miss the playoffs, he won't be the reason.

- Watching the finish to Davidson-Kansas as I watch this. Gus Johnson sets up the moment perfectly. I'm just hoping Davidson gets a shot off. Kansas leads 59-57 with 16.8 seconds left. Stephon Curry needs the ball. Davidson gets a 3, and it misses. Great run.

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