Friday, March 21, 2008

About a week ago, I wrote that I thought Barack Obama should speak to the American people to try to diffuse the situation with Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

Obama did this. I'm not sure the speech was as great as some are saying, and I'm not sure if it eased any of the concerns middle-of-the-road voters may have.

But I can certainly sympathize with the senator's plight. We all have people in our lives who say and do things that we don't agree with (for many of my family and friends, I am this person). But if this person is a family member or close to it, we don't shun them, and in fact still love them.

People are using Obama's close connection to Wright to raise questions about Obama's character.

But what would it say about the senator if he completley separated himself from someone so close to him?

I'm not defending what Wright said, and I'm not someone enamored with Obama. But I think we need to take a tolerant view of the senator's situation.



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