Saturday, April 12, 2008

There will come a time this season when a loss by the Indians frustrates me to no end.

Luckily for readers of this blog, this is not that time. So the Indians are 4-7. So the team is inconsistent in every area. So the team looks as motivated as me before a math exam.

So what? The Indians are streaky, and have been ever since Eric Wedge took over as manager. Jason Michaels, David Dellucci and Franklin Gutierrez will never remind anyone of all stars, at least not this season. But they are streaky as well. So is Casey Blake, Jhonny Peralta and even Travis Hafner.

There are a number of question marks on this team. Grady Sizemore, Victor Martinez and Ryan Garko are the only players in the starting lineup I am really certain of.

But it doesn't matter. The Indians can afford a bad start from Fausto Carmona, C.C. Sabathia and Paul Byrd from time to time. What they cannot afford is three bad starts in the same week.

But you have to think Sabathia will turn it around. You have to think Carmona's start Saturday was a blip on the radar.

Byrd I'm not sure of. But Jeremy Sowers is a phone call away.

If the bullpen keeps imploding, then it could be a long year.

Maybe the Indians are only meant to contend in odd-numbered years. But there's no reason to worry too much. The Indians will get good at some point.

But we have seen this before. The Indians have shown they can come out of streaks like this. I'm guessing they will again.



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