Wednesday, March 12, 2008

In defense of Geraldine Ferraro
Geraldine Ferraro's claim to fame coming into this week was her spot on the Walter Mondale's ill-fated presidential ticket in 1984.

In fact, I hadn't even see Ferraro on television since a Behind The Music episode many years ago.

She's a supporter of Hillary Clinton, which, right away, puts her at odds with my political beliefs. And, oddly, the more I see of Barack Obama, the more comfortable I am with him and his campaign. That's not to say I'll vote for him, but I'm more comfortable with him than his Democratic opponent.

But that said, I don't see what's so wrong about someone giving her honest opinion. I don't think anyone seriously believes Ferraro is racist. So what is the big deal? A lot of people feel that way about Obama, they just haven't said it.

Quite frankly, I was pleased to hear someone's honest answer during this campaign rather than the usual politically-correct sentences that are designed to do nothing more than not piss anyone off.

And personally, I don't agree with Ferraro. I think Obama represents something new, but I don't think his appeal is about skin color. I think his youth and charisma have more to do with his it than his race. But he's also connected on deeper levels.

But Ferraro shouldn't have to apologize for saying what she thinks. I have never understood that about our society. Why ask for an apology when we know the person isn't sorry.

But I don't think she has any reason to be.



At 7:18 AM , Anonymous Mike Belgrove said...

I run a blog that is aimed at the urban crowd and as a black man I'd like to go on record saying I don't think Geraldine Ferraro is racist at all. At least not in the way we generally think of a racist. She see Barack being black as an advantage and not a disadvantage. In a way she is right. His race does get him noticed but in all honesty it is not going to help him get elected at all. One of the other writers over at Highbrid Nation says Geraldine Ferraro is evil not racist, lol. He might not be too far off.


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