Monday, January 07, 2008

Great moments in broadcasting history
ESPN's Neil Everett (No, I'm not sure which one of the screaming maniacs at the network he is)when talking doing highlights of the debacle that was the GMAC Bowl, gets a tad confused:

From the Futon:

EXCEPT. During that particular highlight (loosely quoted, until video surfaces, if ever):

Josh Cribbs, the Cleveland Browns kick returner, you know, he went to Bowling Green. He never returned kicks there, though.

Not that us at BG wouldn't have wanted Cribbs on our team, because he was excellent at Kent State. But like Matt Sussman, I'm pretty sure Everett got Cribbs confused with BG quarterback Josh Harris.

You'd think you'd research that before blurting it out on the air. In fairness to Everett, he was probably stretching to say something noteworthy about the game, which, for Falcon alums like myself, wasn't noteworthy at all.

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At 6:49 AM , Anonymous Erik said...

If an ESPN anchor goes through a Bowling Green highlight without referencing the school as being in Kentucky, I'm satisfied.


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